Mark Ch 4

In this video we talk about Mark chapter 4 and learn 4 “don’ts” of disciple making.


One thought on “Mark Ch 4

  1. Hey Enoch, It was so good to meet ya Sunday. I remember you as such a little, cute, delicate slight boy, seems like such a short time ago. Glad to see you have grown into a very responsible leader/Marine Corps Warrior. On yer way to being a disciple maker, a leader tryin to make leaders. I like the direction of this teaching. So are ya into the languages of the Bible? I noticed ya have a Hebrew Tat, not too sure what it says. Looks like it may transliterate to “Leebzoz Gayheenom” but I have no Idea how it translates. 😉 Thanks for sharing and serving. Grace N Peace! Sempher Fi! Bill

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