Pastor Enoch Pashby

Senior Pastor, Veteran’s outreach, and Men’s Ministry

10653559_819240154774971_2191029741954914699_nI was born in Rapid City, SD in December of 1982.  I grew up attending Open Bible Christian Center until the time I joined the Marine Corps in 2003.  I served 4 years in the Marine Corps, and was deployed to Iraq where I fought in Fallujah and Ramadi in 2004.  After getting out of the Marines I worked in the oil field for 5 ½ years.  During that time I got married and had a child.  I was not following the walk that I knew I should from my upbringing in church.  I was suffering from PTSD and not acknowledging it which destroyed my marriage and ended in a divorce.  While fighting for my marriage I was praying one night and God drove me to my knees.  I heard him say “Now you know you’re not strong enough, it’s my turn”.  My therapist suggested I go to St Louis, MO to attend a program for wounded Marines.  It was there that I discovered I was still poisoning my life with hatred and un-forgiveness, and decided that I needed to submit my whole life to God.  I am now blessed to be able to return there and Mentor other Marines who are hurting and lost.  It was there that I found my passion for teaching the Bible and helping others.  I felt God calling me to be a pastor but thought that I MUST be imagining it because I’m the last person God would use in that way.  It didn’t take long for God to put people in my path to tell me that I would be a pastor and plant a church.  Through all of this I was blessed to experience God’s grace and mercy first hand.  I am now married to a wonderful woman who has also benefited from God’s grace and mercy.  She is the best partner that I could dream to have in this ministry!  God is GOOD!