Reloading Program

One of the ways that we reach out to veterans and share the Gospel with them is through reloading.  In my journey to a healthy mindset I found that reloading and shooting were some of the best forms of therapy for me.  It is a great way to clear your mind and keep your hands busy with the added benefit of being able to go shoot what you have made!  God has given me a very cool way to combine the interest in guns and ammo with the love and knowledge of the Bible.

I teach many aspects of reloading from casting your own bullets to precision long range ammo for high power rifles.  In addition to rifle ammunition lessons in pistol and shotgun reloading are available as well.


Many different styles of presses are taught as well.  We have single stage, turret, and progressive presses for metallic reloading.  Shot shell reloading is only taught on a basic press, but the principals stay the same even on the high dollar progressive presses.


Bullet molding is taught using a bottom pour lead pot, but dipping can also be covered.  After the bullets are molded the veteran will learn how to resize and lubricate the lead bullet.


Because every firearm shoots a little different your gun will never shoot to its full potential without developing a specific load for it.  Because of this all of the variables that are in play (powder, case, bullet, primer, bullet seat depth, desired purpose for the round etc.) will be covered as a crucial part of the training.

I am also in contact with a number of manufactures trying to get sponsorship so that the veteran can receive the basic equipment necessary for them to reload on their own after they have completed the program.

*****Due to safety obligations there is no guarantee that the veteran will either keep or shoot the ammunition that they have made in the class.  It is the instructors decision as to whether they will shoot with the participant, or allow them to take the ammunition home.*****

If you are interested in participating in this program or desire to help or donate in any way please fill out this form.