This content should be read with an open mind understanding who I am reaching out to. Why I choose the topics to speak about that I do and why I use the language that I do is directly related who I am trying to reach. I have a desire to reach out to veterans, bikers, gang members, alcoholics, drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, basically anyone who society writes off as a lost cause. I want the outsiders, those living on the fringes of humanity. I have a fire in my heart for the hard cases, and desperate souls. If you have ever thought that you can’t go to church because “you’d start on fire” if you stepped through the doors then I’m speaking to you! I understand that many readers will not have anything in common with that list, even if it doesn’t fit you I hope that you would continue to read and learn from my experiences, because I bet you have someone in your life who does.

I am a combat Marine veteran, who longs for violence and chaos. I have struggled with lust and promiscuity for most of my adult life. I was addicted to pornography for many years, and have lived in the bottle as well. So when I write about the grace of God please know that I have experienced it firsthand. When I talk about denying yourself and living for God, believe me, I know that struggle all to well. Please don’t get the impression that I think I’m fixed or perfect. God will continue working on me until I’m dead and in Heaven. I don’t mind being a work in progress either because I always have something positive to look forward to every day. I hope that my work touches you. That God would use it to encourage you and to show you love. I pray that through this website many people will find salvation and follow Christ with all their heart soul and mind.